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I'm putting together a team to create a short (2-3 minutes) zombie themed kickstarter video, in the hopes of raising funds for a youtube series.

I'm happy to cover expenses that are mutually agreed upon for the production of the kickstarter video and of course the kickstarter funds will go towards paying you for further services rendered along with other production costs.

The kickstarter video itself will be a complete short so regardless of whether the project gets the funds we need, you will have an exciting piece to add to your portfolio.

People with their own equipment are preferred but experience takes precedent naturally, in an effort to make the short the best quality it can be.

The setting is post-apocalyptic, a world filled with zombies, the location primarily being London. The work is character driven, rather than a gore-fest, an excellent example of which is the wonderful show 'The Walking Dead'. It's about surviving rather than dying you could say, and our short will be a clear example of that direction.

I'm seeking anyone who feels they can contribute to the project. I will be writing and co-producing along with the likelihood of directing, though if we find someone I feel can better do this, it's more likely. I would especially like to find a co-producer with experience in indie production.

I've got an aim for shooting in Autumn, most likely around the end of September, 2012.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, please also be aware that I'm operating on a small budget for the kickstarter from my own personal savings, so depending on the cost of your expenses I may not be able to bring you on board.

I'm happy to respond on this thread, via PM or via email, which is:

wolf.beaumont at

Available positions available are:

Production Designer
Gaffer (needs a very creative person with ingenuity as there's not really much in the budget for lighting)
Costume Designer
Set Dresser

Thank you so much for reading,

Wolf Beaumont
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I've updated the original post with positions available.

I've also spoken to an industry costume designer who's shown interest so if you're a costume designer and would like to get involved please get in touch ASAP before August.

It seems like a lot of UK threads don't get much activity, is it a bit of a long shot to find people here?


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It seems like a lot of UK threads don't get much activity, is it a bit of a long shot to find people here?

I wouldn't worry yet, it's been up for less than 24 hours and some people only pop on every couple of days :)

Does sound interesting… how long is the shoot likely to be?
Thanks for the advice chilipie. The shoot will last 1 day. We're filming a single outdoor scene, where a family is running from a group of zombies.
Great news! An SFX makeup artist has joined the project at this tentative stage, he's pretty incredible judging by his portfolio.
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Hey Chris, I got it and I've replied via email. Thank you again for volunteering, I look forward to working with you.
Hey Phill, I got it, loved Wake Up's cinematography too. Did you do the editing yourself? I will email you back this evening.
Cheers Wolf, I shot it on the 550D with a some worklights and colours tissue paper! Haha. I've not got gels, which are much safer!

I did edit it, but I've learned a lot since chopping that; I'm not happy with it any more... My next short is far better. It's in post at the moment, but looking forward to showing it to people.

Look forward to your email.
Hey everyone :D Thank you so much for checking this project out. I just wanted to let you all know that any and all positions are open volunteers until the end of June, which is when we'll be locking down on who's doing what.

I'm still very keen on finding a co-producer, not just for this short but for the rest of the project as well.
I wanted to confirm it was okay with our sfx artist first, but to give anyone interested an idea as to the quality of our sfx makeup, here's a link to his work.

Mark Leeming

He is amazing and has been fantastic at this early stage with his keeness and outside the box thinking. I definitely recommend him for anyone seeking a great sfx makeup artist for their project.
I got an email today from someone interested in composing for the project so I felt that I should mention here that we are not seeking a composer.

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm, though.
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I'm not sure if you're still interested getting people on the team, but I would be interested in helping with things related to graphic design and production design.
Hey Bernadett,

Yes we'd love to welcome you aboard, can you get in touch with me via email?

This thread's been quiet because I'm just waiting on some mockup designs for the zombies to show folks the series's style. Desperately going to need a gaffer and I'm very keen to find a producer with experience to help.
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So our SFX Makeup Artist Mark has just sent in these flat composits of the sort of makeup we'll be using. We'll also be using silicone for even better effects on the day of the shoot.