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Is this how you wrote Antihero?
Not even slightly. I was at a desperate time in my life when I wrote "Antihero". I had recently come off a couple of failed filmmaking projects and was feeling really discouraged about the whole thing. I was feeling so down on it all that I actually decided to quit filmmaking forever. That lasted about an hour, lol. I made this decision right before a work shift. I told my friends and got encouragement to keep going. During our shift (serving at a busy restaurant) we spitballed potential ideas and by the end of the day I had the general idea for "Antihero". The result of this is that we basically shot the vomit draft (we technically shot a 2nd revision of the screenplay but it was very similar to the vomit draft). I decided that for "Rose", I'd do the exact opposite and be much more methodical in my approach, while still allowing lots of wiggle-room (I love shooting improv).

Side-note -- I'm pretty sure I'm going to follow up "Rose" with the silly idea I posted on FB. For those not connected with me on social media (feel free to DM me if you'd like to connect that way) the gist of the story is "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" meets "Titanic", taking place in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. So, it's basically "Zombieland" except with a love triangle that ends in tragedy. :D