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Writer's block cure...

A lot of people are worried about the writer's block. They are constantly searching for the solution and find this problem listed not only here but in many other places on Web. Few months ago I had the same problem but I had no idea about the term called writer's block. I just thought that I don't have enough experience and inspiration to get rolling.

But I had a feeling, I became interested in filmmaking right from my childhood. I think I was just 7 years old. I kept writing stories as and how it came, drew posters on a sheet of paper with title, credits, and sketches of some STRANGE CHARACTERS like a cat with the head of a dog, An elephant that roars, A deer chasing a Cheetah and much more. I still have those pictures in my album :)

Later when I turned 13, I came to know about the SCREENPLAY and related terms. One year later I read the book SCREENPLAY by Syd Field and I came to know some useful pieces of information and unknown aspects of SCREENWRITING like Backstories, Character Description, ACT I - ACT II - ACT III etc., Then I started to refer other screenplays for reference and to get a mental picture of how actually to FORMAT and write a screenplay. It took one more year for me to study them all and I was 15 when I started to write my own Screenplay, it was a short film screenplay... Like this I kept getting better and better and my screenplays became much more clear and distinct as I grew up, watching and learning different aspects of life.

But I never actually came across an experience like Writer's block. I had a technique and it came to me naturally, by learning from other scripts and movies. I noticed that great movies has a kind of What's next? and it makes us fall in love with the main character by means of sympathy. So I thought during ACT II one must feel like Hitler, merciless, and create intensified obstacles and problems for the main character. During ACT III one must feel like God and clear up the main character's goals and motivations, in a special way.

So my writing exercises includes writing some random stories, without caring for any plots. I just write it as I feel. Like this I write atleast 10-11 stories per week. Some times a provoking thought strikes my mind, a crazy sequence or a scene runs over, a wonderful quote or a dialogue pops in and I make note of them all. I also keep drawing sketches of characters, their hair styles, facial hairs, expressions and attires, then a speech bubble above them which makes them speak what they are.

While doing this, I'll be in a constant search for a SUBJECT. Once I discover a subject, I pick some of my random stories, characters, sequences that suits it the best. Now I spend some time sketching the story line, arranging the events and sequences. When I feel that there is gap that needs to be filled I try thinking of something that can aid it or I just switch on my TV and keep changing the channels, and something or someone on TV will be looking or sounding perfect to fill the gap.

That concludes my Screenplay Blueprint or a Screenplay map and now comes the hardest thing - The First Draft. One must be very careful and cautious while writing the First Draft, making sure that we don't add any unnecessary or irrelevant dialogues or scenes, because it diverts the story far away from how we actually wanted to end it. After finishing the first draft quickly, I spend more time on re-writing the script, and this time I find many junks especially in the dialogues... This is the time to sort 'em out.

Next comes the most hardest thing. Showing your script to someone who trusts you, love you and waiting for their response. Based on their suggestions and tips, I once again re-write my script and ultimately it looks and sounds GREAT. Just the way I wanted it to be.

I've written 5 Screenplays like this so far and I enjoyed writing them. And when I compare my fifth script to my first, the fifth one looks more advanced and brings a great joy and pleasure. That's how I do it and if you have any other methods that can aid CLEANING UP THE WRITER'S BLOCK, then please share it with us.

Happy Filmmaking :cool:
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Damn, looks like you've done your research. Very good read. I'm interested in reading your first posted screenplay.
the best writers block cure is to write about your writers block. Kind of finding the reason for your writer's block. It gets your mind thinking like a writer and believe me an idea will eventually pop out.
I just work at editing something, or writing something like a review, whenever I'm having trouble with a big story, like a screenplay or novel. That usually at least keeps my creativity active, until I can come back to that story.

Good read.