Wow, This is a neat tool.

I was bored an checking out

There is a program called "Sweet Little Piano". It makes you computer keyboard a Synthasizer.

here is the direct link

But its more then a piano. it has all kinds of sound patches to play with. there is a slite delay but if you time it right, you can get a nice little melody out of it. Im just trying to figure out how to record what you're playing.

I guess you could use a speaker jack and go line in. But I dont know if they could blow out your soundcard.

If you download it, try the sound patch program/synthpatch/pad2-warm. Very pretty haunting sound. :yes:
hold down your O key (A note) and as you're holding it down hit the U and Y key (F and E note) back and forth. Then go from the A note to B and C.

sounds pretty cool.
WideShot said:
It keeps coming up saying I need to register and pay for the program?

Hit cancle. Its just a nag. They nag you to buy it but its fully functionable. when you close out the text window and then hit cancle or whatever when the password box popsup.. it will then open the piano player. I wonder if I can use an editor to remove the nag :D kidding
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