Would like feedback :)

Hello again Indietalk its been a while since I've gone through these forums. =) Last time I went on here i was 12 and just had minimal experience in editing and mainly focused on small scale school projects.

Now I am 16 and last year of May 12 I decided to pursue the career of Directing/Editing in the Film Industry. It first began with school projects, and started practicing skills that would be involved in normal film scenarios. I even began writing my own full length feature film (which is at a halt)

I live in a small city in California ,close to Santa Barbara, sadly there isn't many people that enjoy doing what I love to do because of that, all feedback I receive is usually very positive. I enjoy receiving these comments however i would really love some honest constructive criticism about my videos.

Now I do have a # of videos that I will put in order from oldest to newest and also have details on what I personally think of the pros and cons.
(DISCLAIMER: All these videos are 90-100% winged none have any script as they have either been completely disregarded or due to the time limit put)


I began with a health project that really was aimed at promoting an imaginary product that used any advertising techniques used by product companies. My first real movie; not must use of angles just simple shots quick and easy. (filmed in 30 minutes)

Again I began with a health project that was aimed at promoting an imaginary product that used any advertising techniques used by product companies. Except this time it is fast forwarded 1 year. We filmed this in 1 hour and i edited this in about 6 hours.
Pro's: better special effects,angles, and storyline compared to first one
Cons: Storyline doesn't really signify; needed faster pace, better acting

Great Zimbabwe: Money Never Sleeps
I can't really say anything about this really ... this video just occurred over utter boredom. Each of the characters portrayed were created by each of us who played them... I really enjoy this shoot because we were able to be creative of our characters and I was able to play around with diffeent visual effects. As you can tell their is no storyline and the lightsaber effects were done fully due to the impatience of my friends who simply couldn't wait for the video to be done, due to the scenes being 720[ w/ 60fps.] (Shot in 1 hour and edited in about 20 hours.)

Penguin & The Pendulum
An English assignment in which we were supposed to make a parady of the Pit & The Pendulum. We began making it as ridiculous as possible; lighting was a big issue as the setting was supposed to be dark. I enjoy how we pulled off the darkness and I think i did an alright job at correcting the noise. Didn't really enjoy the Great Zimbabwe nipple twister though. Really focused on cutting however there was one scene in which when the walls caved in i left it like 6 seconds too long.(45 minutes and 2 hours of editing)

How to Become a SuperHero: AKA Great Zimbabwe The Beginnings
This is yet another "simple" English assignment in which my friends and I extended into something more, the narrations showed the audience the steps to becoming a superhero while we explained the story of how The Great Zimbabwe became to be. I really enjoy this shoot because we used sort of an orginal concept of super heroes that usually portrayed in films. This shoot I made a goal to emphasis on music and thanks to some monster scores I think i really pulled it off nicely. Yet again though fractal noise was an issue. (45 minutes and 2 hours of editing)

Easybaking with Jacob Saenz
Just a parody of those baking shows where me and a couple of friends decided to get together and make some easybaking cookies. To me its just an average looking parody :rolleyes: ; I personally wished i had made a script to finalize these scenes to be more smoother. Lesson learned though. (1 hour and 1 hour editing)

Easy Sunday
In this video I was trying to recreate a old school sort of cop vs robber sort of scenario. I think i pulled it off in some aspects however the timing wasn't as well planned. You can really tell its a 1 day movie, the pacing is very slow, and the audio isn't the best quality. I think it should have been acted more fast as this movie seems like a video you'd only see once. However overall I think it was a nice short film because it was only 3 people and I began using lighting (first time) in my videos.

Piggy Shores
This is the latest video and to be honest I believe its the best video I've made so far and it shows great improvement compared to my other productions. This is a movie where the notorious novel, Lord of the Flies is shown but with a twist that is supposed to attract modern day audiences (specifically teens). Now this twist was my idea and I believed a Jersey Shore themed story would attract the "mainstream" audience. I got pretty good feedback on this, personally I would delete the scene where the Jack attempts to kill a pig and when they explore. I believe this was a very nicely paced video, with great audio, and great acting. However there probably is mistakes here and there that i'd love to here about as I want to learn from them. (2 hour and 4 hours editing)

All feedback is greatly appreciated ! ~~ Thanks for reading. :)