music Would anyone let me practice composing on a scene of theirs?

I'm a music composition graduate looking to get into film composition. If anyone has any pre-existing scenes they'd let me practice on I'd be super grateful.

I can potentially come up with something new for something in the works too, but please bear in mind I'm still learning!
There is a lot of material available at the Prelinger Archives. It's mostly older Public Domain material. There are even quite a few features. When I started out in audio post I would practice Foley and sound effects on clips from Prelinger.
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Here ya go. I should have included the links in my original post.

I would alternate between things that interested me and picking things at random to challenge my creativity and problem solving. The only "bad" thing is there isn't a producer and/or director to say either "That's great!" or "That sucks!"
this is great, I've found an old sci-fi cartoon to work with, thanks for the suggestion! Although yes, outside input would be helpful but I think it's definitely a great place to start :)