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"Women Under The Influence" - Not just another pretty face...

Perusing the internet for places to shamelessly promote my Kickstarter project, I found this place. This is awesome. I've spent hours reading these posts and now I'm ready to add to the fun.
Here's my plug;
“Women Under the Influence,” a new independent film that chronicles the lives of several women as they seek to shape and define their futures and come to grips with their pasts.
Not your typical extraordinary film = It's a drama. It's a comedy. It's a documentary. It's the ultimate "chick flick," the likes of which you've never seen before...
Not just another pretty face, we have several. We have some awesome actors and gathering a talented crew to support them.
Please take a few minutes to check out our campaign.
Thanks Indie Talk for doing what you do. I love this place and will be hanging around this community for a long time.