misc Winter Filmmaking Tips

Help me prepare for an upcoming winter shoot! I would love to hear from anyone familiar with working in extremely cold/adverse climates.

I want to make sure my cast/crew is well prepared, and I'm doing everything I can to keep everyone safe and happy (as best I can), while we are freezing our asses off.
Low budget, not enough to have dedicated generators or anything crazy. I might be able to swing getting a vehicle generator to connect a heater or something, and make some sort of "heat shack". That is one of the ideas I'm playing with.

How do you prepare your gear for sub zero temps? How can I make it look like a blizzard without having need to film/act in a real one? Any cheap ways to keep people warm on location in a remote-ish environment?

We are talking ice caves, frosty forests, and the like. Really going for a Revenant vibe for the exterior shots.