news ‘Wildcat’ Trailer Follows a Veteran, a Ph.D. Candidate, and an Ocelot Into the Amazon

Amazon Prime Video is pushing new wildlife documentary “Wildcat,” from Melissa Lesh and Trevor Frost and the producers of “Fyre” and “Tiger King,” into the busy nonfiction fall fray. This powerful documentary, made at the intersection of military PTSD and animal conservation, debuted at the Telluride Film Festival this past summer to strong notices. Prime Video will now release the film in theaters on December 21 and on the streaming platform on December 30. Watch the trailer exclusively on IndieWire below.

Per the official synopsis, “Wildcat” follows the inspiring story of young veteran Harry Turner on his journey into the Amazon. Once there, he meets Ph.D. candidate Samantha Zwicker, who is running a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center, and his life finds new meaning as he is entrusted with the life of an orphaned baby ocelot. What was meant to be an attempt to escape from life turns out to be an unexpected journey of love, discovery, and healing.

“The South American ocelot that is at the center of this tale of animal rescue and liberation will attract audiences, but the human characters in this saga hold at least as much appeal,” IndieWire’s sister site, The Hollywood Reporter, wrote out of Telluride. “Harry Turner had enlisted in the British army in Afghanistan when he was only 18, and the horrors that he observed there traumatized him and led to suicidal behavior. When he traveled to the Peruvian Amazon, he found a new purpose. While he was there, he met a woman named Samantha Zwicker who was involved in a project to rescue wild animals threatened by poachers. The two of them eventually established a personal as well as professional relationship that centered on a young ocelot cub that probably would not have survived without their aid.”

The film features a new original song by Fleet Foxes featuring Tim Bernardes, which will release on November 9.

Watch the trailer below.