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why teach? IndieGoGo (+Charity)


First let me explain what why teach? is:

It's a feature length documentary of teachers explaining what made them want to become teachers and why they continue to do it. The pay isn't high, the students aren't appreciative, and it doesn't support them all year.

This documentary will include over a 100 teachers with various years experience and one was even a teacher during WWII for the Air Force!

We've done everything besides what really matters. Putting it together! So now here we are looking for funders on Indiegogo and reaching out to this community here, which we hope to be a part of for years to come. You can see the campaign and support here http://igg.me/at/whyteach

So now about the "+Charity" part.. The crew for this film, including me, are the top of Hancock High School's Video Production Club and we've branched off for this for our first indie film. We have put two years of planning into this and our feature comedy film that we'll work on after this. Now as members of the club we have been working with only our personal handycams up to this point so we've been limited in terms of quality.

Therefore all the funding this indiegogo pays for (professional camera, software, etc...) will be donated to the HHSVideoProductionClub so even once we graduate we know that students years from now will still learn what it means to make a video. Aside from having a production member of The Outcasts & start-up member of MTV as their faculty sponsor!

As well left over money that isn't spent on this project and donated to them will be split; 85% will be given to the club to cover their expenses for film festivals, props, etc... as the school gives them NO budget and fundraising barely ever gets approved for them. 15% will be spent on other Indiegogo projects within the Video and Film categories that have an educational merit of some aspect.

Have questions? Feel free to ask! Want to become a private investor or a sponsor? Please email me personally (I'm the director) to seth_rebirth@yahoo.com. Please though only do this if you wish to support over 200$.

Have advise to improve our Indiegogo? It's appreciated so please let us know here!
Does your contribution rank say it's Short 4 You Eligible? This is our intense, and we think most attractive bonus, that we can provide. Not into the documentary? This is still for you.

Have you ever had an idea for a short film? Parody, perhaps? Well now with the purchuse of cheap addition to your rank, we can make it with you! You will be the writer & the sole executive producer of this short film, unless of course you want our help to write it or if you want to give us the concept and outline for us to write completely! You retain all rights, but we may perserve the right to post on YouTube (without Montazation).

(1): Mini-Short estimated run-time of 45 seconds. We decide the crew, you have a limit of three actors/actresses, no limit on background characters/bystandards. This film may be posted on the HHSVideoProductions youtube, but will have you credited both in the video and on the description as owning full rights. Buy this by adding a $5 donation.

(2) Mini-Short (Above) OR Short estimated run-time of 1 minute to a 1 minute and 30 seconds. We decide the crew (You'll get our best, priorty over (1) donators), you have a limit of six actors/actresses, no limit on background characters/bystandards. This film will only be posted on HHSVideoProductions youtube if we have your permission to do so, if so will have you credited as having full rights (without Montazation). Buy this by adding a $10 donation.

As all ranks above Kind Heart receive the Kind Heart reward they will as well be Eligible for this bonus!

Added that to my Bonus section for ranks 10$ and 15$. Thoughts? Opinions?

We're looking for advice on how to improve our IndieGoGo, but we're hoping this is incentive not only to donate but to help us get the goal so their shorts get better!
Have advise to improve our Indiegogo?

A rewrite might be in order, but....

You may want to consider your target market. Who wants to see a documentary about teachers? While there may be some here on Indietalk, but I doubt not a lot of us would. There are a lot of poor filmmakers here looking for ways to finance their own films. Most here are unlikely to finance something they don't care much about.

Think about who would want to see your documentary and pitch the gogo page to them. Teachers may be a good place to start. I presume you know teachers better than I do, so I'd expect you to know who'd be interested more than me. For example, if I want to make a movie about poker, I'd go to the poker and gamboling forums, blogs and websites and pitch my idea to them. They'd be the ones likely to be passionate to want to see this made.

Good luck.