news Who Will Die in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2?

HBO’s “The White Lotus” is back — which means that viewers, once again, have a murder on their hands.

Season 2 opens with Daphne (Meghann Fahy) going for a swim on the last day of her holiday in Sicily, when she bumps into a dead body (or part of a body?) and swims, screaming, back to shore.

The second installment of Mike White’s buzzy limited series explores taut sexual politics in one of the world’s most romantic and storied locales, all while building up to not just one death, but multiple. As White Lotus Sicily manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) learns in the cold open, there are more bodies out there, which sets this death definitively as a murder — unlike Season 1’s arguable accident.

With a mostly new cast and so many possibilities, IndieWire is breaking down the life-and-death odds every week, updating to reflect developments of the latest episode. Here’s who we think is most likely to die, kill, and survive unscathed in “The White Lotus” Season 2.

Most Likely To Die

A woman with short, dark hair wearing a black one-piece swimsuit and sunglasses while laying in a pool chair and sipping an aperol spritz by the ocean; still from The White Lotus Season 2.

Simona Tabasco as Lucia in “The White Lotus” Season 2


1. Lucia (Simona Tabasco)

Statistically, murder odds do not look good for a young, solitary sex worker. She’s on the wrong side of the hotel staff and Valentina’s judgement, and she presents a liability for Dominic (Michael Imperioli) if his father or son find out about them.

2. Mia (Beatrice Grannó)

Not to conflate her with Lucia, but the two are often together which means that any trouble coming Lucia’s way could easily entrap her best friend. And again: MurderS! The only time Mia’s been alone, she got mistaken for a sex worker by a creepy old man and threw a drink in his face! Wouldn’t be the first time a man took poorly to rejection…

3. Bert (F. Murray Abraham)

No disrespect to Nono who is mostly minding his own business — he’s just old and more likely to not recover from an accidental wound (like Season 1’s fatal stabbing) or physical altercation.

4. Portia (Haley Lu Richardson)

Like Lucia and Mia, Portia is in danger mainly by virtue of being a woman who spends any time alone — which is exactly what boss Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) commands her to do in the first episode.

5. Cameron (Theo James)

As soon as Episode 1 kicks into flashbacks, it shows that Cam and Daphne are nigh inseparable. But one week after they arrive in Italy, she’s alone on the beach, without even a vacant chair next to her. Her reaction to the body (body parts??) floating in the water could mean anything; she appears to collapse when she runs back to the beach, but that’s equally justified for the corpse of a total stranger, vaguely recognizable fellow guest, or her actual husband. When police wrap up the body bag, Daphne’s face and expression are deliberately obscured by umbrellas, and though she’s standing tall it could still be Cam. Season 1 opened with Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) in the airport, who grew to hate her husband over the course of their trip together, even if he did live long enough to fly home.

In the Clear (For Now)

Medium-close shot of a young woman with wavy, strawberry blond hair wearing a red and orange printed floral top and resting an elbow on an outdoor dining table; Meghann Fahy in The White Lotus Season 2.

Meghann Fahy as Daphne in “The White Lotus” Season 2.


1. Daphne (Meghan Fahy)

Daphne was in the cold open where the dead body is found, which means she gets this season’s Get Out of Death Free card. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t in danger of physical harm, heartbreak, or whatever other madness the White Lotus Sicily has in store for her.

2. Valentina

Also pictured in the opening, Valentina is more concerned with the hotel’s reputation and her own job security than the growing pile of corpses washing ashore.

3. Tanya

Tanya has mostly kept to herself so far, and her character is the show’s main connective tissue between seasons besides the White Lotus hotels themselves. That said, the writers might kill her to pull that rug out from under fans comfortable, excited feet, and adds a thrill of uncertainty to potential future seasons.

4. Ethan (Will Sharpe)

Will might be the most nonthreatening and unproblematic character on this show at the moment, and for that we salute him. Enjoy it while it lasts, buddy.

5. Albie (Adam DiMarco)

Albie’s focused on his family for the moment, but already intrigued by Portia and ready to stray from the plan to spend time with her. He is a textbook Good Boy…but for how long?

6. Greg (Jon Gries)

Just because Greg didn’t commit Season 1’s murder doesn’t mean he’s entirely innocent. He and Tanya are now married which means she trusts him, but Tanya isn’t known for her keen judgment. Greg has a whole past, multiple marriages, and his own secrets, any of which could come pouring out on this trip.

Most Likely To Kill

A middle-aged man and two young women at a hotel reception counter; still from The White Lotus Season 2.

Michael Imperioli, Simona Tabasco, and Beatrice Grannò in “The White Lotus”

Courtesy of HBO

1. Dominic

Dom keeps it together pretty well while his wife yells at him over the phone — almost too well. His face is impassive bordering on emotionless, with shades of surprise, amusement, and anger — any of which is a red flag in a show where a psychopath has possibly gone on a murderous rampage. He could end up killing Lucia and/or Mia to cover his tracks and ensure his safe return home — and others who get in his way.

2. Harper (Aubrey Plaza)

Harper has exhibited no murderous tendencies so far, but does not quite pass the vibe check. She’s the only character in this show so far to demonstrate visible outward dissatisfaction of any kind — which she does often, and obviously. Her baseline annoyance with Daphne, Cam, and the whole trip could spiral out of control at any minute.

3. Cameron

This honestly feels too obvious. Cam might be the guy who everyone looks at when someone brings up “Dateline” wife killers, not to mention that he’s out here flashing his penis around — but those are symptoms primarily of being a douchebag, not a murderer. And the overly affectionate asshole husband already did a murder in Season 1! Let’s mix it up.

“The White Lotus” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.