Who wanna do sound design on my modest short ?

Hey you,

The idea was to submit a horror short for the Film Riot challenge but because of work and other projects, I didn't really have time to get on it before yesterday. And picture is quite complete but sound... Music, foley and everything else is still missing. .

I abandoned the idea of participating to the challenge but I still want the short to get done. I had a friend who was supposed to work on the sound but he's a lazy undependable person who spent his time complaining yesterday while I was editing. I saw him trying things on Garage Band but basically he was going nowhere.

Anyway, if you are as passionate about sound as I am about picture and have no material to work on, you might just be the dude for it. I send you a rough cut of the short, you see if you like it and hopefully work on it.

(Also I'm not sure I'm posting in the right section (maybe even not the right community, given how few of you sound people are here).

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