Which earns more money for you, Amazon or Vimeo?

We already have several films on Amazon VOD, but we were wondering about potential revenue from Vimeo VOD. Vimeo, of course would charge us a monthly fee for hosting our films whereas Amazon lists them for free. Does anyone actually make a monthly "profit" from Vimeo, or would we be wasting our money?:huh:
Our time zones are different. Bed for me. I would say go with your own voice for now. Spend money only where it is critical. People will put up with a voice so long as it is English and Brit or USA is ok. Don't waste money on fine detail until one's work breaks through and commands a better return.Not meant to be a downer. To desire to make a film is everything, but it does not have to be perfect to show your style on a limited budget. None of us are wealthy who make Indie films. A big budget has a whole train of distribution and advertising all sorted out from the start. We don't have any of that. Best to be realistic, I think. mol
Definitely Amazon. That has always been the best choice for me, at least. Vimeo works, but Amazon is way more profitable. Amazon is older than Vimeo, people already know how it works, so they trust it more. That means more money for us. I've never heard anyone making a decent amount of money with Vimeo... Who knows, maybe we don't know how to use it, lol? I also learned about dividends, which helped me build my fortune. This article explains it well, I'd say https://www.dividendpower.org/2021/04/22/what-is-the-rule-of-72/.
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