movies Where the day takes you

I have been watching a bunch of 80s and early 90s flicks that I never saw or even heard of (I can name them all I have been watching if y’all want, some are quite great lol) and I have never heard of noir do I remember ever seeing/hearing about the movie “Where the day takes you”. I am only about 30 mins in but I couldn’t believe seeing so many stars at the start of their career in such gritty roles, lol I can’t figure out what is weirder, seeing Will Smith saying MF or Ricki Lake saying FU also (because her talk show was on all the time in the 90s) and Sean Astin and Laura Flynn Boyle in the film..just a trip.

Film is quite 90’s grit.
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I just looked it up on IMDb - great cast even beyond those few!
What streaming service is it on?
Amazon Prime:) they have actually been streaming some 80s greats, I am kind of impressed with the Amazon Prime video subscription lately with their 80s and 90s movie options.
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