Where is everybody?

The phenomenon I'm trying to illustrate is that once one person is greedy, or shallow, or stupid, and starts grabbing up attention or money or subscribers or whatever currency you're after, you're only left with the option to start acting like they do and claim your share, or sit back and watch the worst people cannabalize the best as a function of their sociopathy. We've built a flawed world I think.
The flaws in the world mean that you're not left with that option alone - there are other worlds accessible to you, even on this same planet.

My anecdote to prove the point dates back almost twenty years, when I was running my own business in rented premises. To really fulfil my professional ambitions, I needed to buy the building, but year after year the bank refused to give me a mortgage because my "cautious, sustainable growth" didn't look great when matched with aggressive behaviour of the Big Players in the sector. One day, after reviewing the figures, a business advisor told me that I should subcontract myself for a large fee to one of the Big Players and employ someone on minimum wage to do my work in my own office for my own customers. :eek:

Shortly afterwards, I shut down the business, sold the family home and moved to a different country where I've since been living debt-free on the back of a few months' work per year. The bank, on the other hand, was irreparably burnt in the Lehman Bros fire and had to be demolished. :evil:
I was really talking about Youtube in particular. I probably should have specified. The problem with youtube is that in terms of something accessable on a budget, it basically has an entrenched global monopoly. You don't really have options that are the same. Of course you don't have to give in and I'm not going to, but honestly I'm far from sure that I can succeed in this somewhat hostile and opportunistic environment (still talking about youtube). I think I can succeed at making something great and memorable, but I'm not sure my entire team combined will ever make as much as logan paul.

On the flipside, If I can ever stage up enough to get a solid seed investment, with the right crew I can go to neflix and have a fair shot I think. Just need to hit quality spec and produce the pilot branches.

As far as your bank and financial advisors, that sounds exactly like the thinking of a machine to me. (line from the Matrix)

I occasionally think about quitting the rat race and doing exactly what you did. You'll have to tell me about it some day, what it's like moving to rural France, the first years. I've always been concerned that I'd go crazy if things got too quiet, lol.