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watch When the Dead Walk - prosthetics and chainsaws!

Hey Indietalk!

So after many many hours editing it's finally up! This is my first music video, my band have just released our second album so i put together this to promote our track 'When the Dead Walk'. I'm pretty darn happy with the result!


Shot, directed and produced by myself on 550D with Kit and 50mm, there's some slider shots in there are a lot of budget steadicam work. It was 3 days location shooting and a few weeks on and off for the editing, please note that the edit was a little rushed to get it online for the new year.

Hey, Nathan

I enjoyed that a lot. Well done.

I thought the colorization was tres classy.

The "dead" were appropriately gruesome.

Which band member were you? :D

(The drummer was the only one who broke out a sweat)


Wow, thanks for the positive feedback there!

I am the vocalist, scary stuff right? :P

Also it should be noted that this is the full length track, there will be a second edit to the 'radio edit' of the track which is 2:30 shorter. Meaning the ratio between band shots and gory shots will be a lot more even.
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