What's the scariest thing you've found in a photo after taking it?


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nose hairs
LOL. That reminds me of a story... Years ago, I was invited to some screenwriting event... Can't even remember which one it was. Anyway, after a day of being on panels, a bunch of us went out for dinner. We had some pretty amazing talent in tow... Even one Oscar winning writer. Anyway, I sat next to the Oscar winning writer and across from another writer who's written several movies you've definitely SEEN.

The writer sitting across from me had half-inch long nosehairs sticking out of his nostrils the entire weekend. I kept wanting to tell him about it but I really didn't know him well enough... I figured eventually someone would say something.


So on the last day of this event, I'm just standing around. Pretty much done. I had attended some other screenwriter's talk as an audience member and the writer with the nosehairs had been on the panel... So I'm outside the event standing there with everyone else and ALL the other people looking to become screenwriters could say was how the one writer needs to do SOMETHING about those nosehairs. LOL.

Luckily? I saw him a couple of years later and he had in fact clipped them. LOLOLOLOL.
1967-ish, a Cessna 150 and a DC-3 out of Van Nuys Airport had a mid air collision over Reseda (San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles). The DC-3 recovered but the Cessna augured in. I got to the crash site and wormed my way to the front of the line as a blood soaked stretcher with the obligatory "arm hanging off the side" was wheeled by about 8-10 feet from me. I still remember the blood on the arm as I snapped the photo with my trusty 127 film camera, but it wasn't until I later developed and printed the photos in my basement lab (yes, some older pre-war houses in Los Angeles had basements) that I saw the hand was flipping me the bird... and I thought it was personal.

Cue spooky music.