What's the difference between framing and composition?

Recently, my Audiovisual Communication Theory assign me an exposition of framing on graphic image. There was another theme called "Iconic Composition" and I was thinking: "what's the difference between framing and composition?". At first I though that the framing was more the position of the camera, and the composition, the order and position of the subjects that the camera is framing. I mean, the type of shot (Close-up, cowboy shot, wide shot, etc) falls into framing or composition? Someone could clarify?
Thanks, and sorry for my english if something is misspelled.
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It's like the difference between a square and a rectangle. Every square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn't necessarily a square.

Framing is part of shot composition. But there's more to shot composition than just framing.


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Framing is the picture frame, and composition is how the elements within the frame relate, so the picture itself.