We're a Misfit Band of Amateur Filmmakers

Hey Everyone,

I'm a finance guy and tech startup advisor. A year ago my friends and I decided to create a webseries influenced by my DJ friend's experiences in the UK 90s acid-house scene. We launched our first episode about six weeks ago.

I thought I'd share the blog posts I wrote over the last year about a business guy's approach to indie film:

Making of a Film: An Underdog Story

Pros’ Advice (not me) to First Time Film Makers With No Budget

Film Set Virgins No More

By the way, here is the first episode, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.

I'm not sure. I'm just getting in to all of this. I was just curious because I signed up for this class online about how to create online distribution platforms for little or no overhead, so I'm curious to see what people are actually using and if it relates to the class. Let me know how Vimeo goes! Also best wishes on your project- it's great and hopefully will go far!