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call-for-entries We are open.

25th Annual Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition

Get contacts.
Get meetings.
Get introductions.
Meet producers.
Meet agents.
Over $50,000 in prizes.

Everything you expect and get with Scriptapalooza.


- ALL the reading is done by producers/managers/agents
- We promote and pitch the TOP 100 writers for a full year
- We have been around since 1998
- Robert McKee endorses us
- $10,000 Grand Prize
- 54 writers have sold or optioned their script
- 165 writers have been hired to write on film or tv
- 89 writers have films in production or released
- 178 writers have gotten agent or manager

We are considered the best screenplay competition by agents, managers and producers.

As a result, hundreds of our past winners have secured agents, paid writing assignments, option agreements, sold their screenplays and even have their movies in production.