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War of The VOID No Budget Arthouse Fantasy Feature

Asher Pike here I’m very excited to present WAR OF THE VOID, an Arthouse Fantasy Feature Film. The aim of this film is to motivate those who are depressed and suicidal, by first plunging the viewer into the abyss, and then raising them up to a new world.

In the making for many years, I have tried to use many unique filmmaking techniques. Of which I’d love to know your opinions about my friends.

Film techniques:

-The First Live Action Silhouette Feature Film ever made. The last full scale silhouette feature film was named The Adventures of Prince Ahmed, made 95 years ago in 1926 and it was animated. Aside from experimentation, I thought this technique would work well in this abstract world to further the story of the main character who is accused of being a “silhouette” by the Spirit of Darkness. As a note this film for it’s majority is in this style, but isn’t a %100 silhouette, with real backgrounds to support the silhouetted characters.

I would love to know if you think this visual style serves the film well, all honest criticism is greatly appreciated.

-The first “2D Live Action” Feature Film ever made. 2D live action has been used every now and then, sprinkled throughout music videos and some artistic film scenes. Imagine stage plays with standing cutouts of trees and mountains in the background, except change them from painted cutouts to 2D live action photos. Cut out, arranged and stitched together, they can make anything. I had yet to see a full scale feature film / motion picture use this technique for the majority of its runtime, so I thought this would be a good area for experimentation. I would love to know if you think this served the story well and yet again, let the flood gates of criticism / feedback flow, it is very appreciated after all.

I hope these visual styles fought well together. I also think that they both have immense potential to create their own great genres in film, especially for indie filmmakers as these styles were free to create and implement. To me they have always been under-appreciated, almost every inclusion of a silhouette scene in a film resulted in an artistic experience, like in the Deathly Hallows.

Aside from these things I also experimented having an all-song soundtrack from featured Synthwave artists. Which too is rare so I do hope it served the story well. As I have intended these things to do so. The sound of this film after recordings turned out a bit tinny, robotic, sometimes muffled and damp, however then I realised this fits with the story. As reality is dying, including all the senses everything should feel corrupted, that would include sound as well. Although not too much I hope.

I will very much love to know your thoughts on this as this is the start of a 7 film motivational saga which will take a lot of effort to make. Thank you greatly filmmaking friends.

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Reception Update:

Im glad to say that this film has been featured by 20 online social media pages! These are suicide awareness and motivation organisations / communities which helped spread the message of this film for free! It was really amazing to have their help for this cause.
The film was also featured by LumaTouch! The greatest editing software on iOS, which I had hoped for but never expected.
Everyone so far has said incredible things about the movie, with only small criticisms. They were inspired and motivated, some calling it a masterpiece even.
Knowing that those in this forum are for the good of it a little more harsher, I do wonder how large your criticisms would be, and if you all see as much good in the film. Every criticism goes toward a better future film! I would also love to thank everyone who helped with all the criticisms all the way back when I was making the first ”attempts” of making a film like this. I tried my best to implement all feedback from you and from many other pages. I do hope it paid off. The next project I’m gonna attempt is a full Live Action Experience of THE SILMARILLION By J.R.R Tolkien.
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