Voice Over movies

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for movies with a lot of voice over, with a main character telling his story, even in a lyric way.

I'm thinking things like Lord of War, or even Into the Wild although it's often poems. Short films would also work great. The more powerful the narration, the more I'm interested.

Anyway, send'em titles over.
What about Forest Gump? That transitions in and out of voice over/scenes.

Yeah, exactly like that but without the mental disorder.

I really need to see Shawshank Redemption. Been on my to see list for way too long. Didn't know there was voice over though.
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Well, as a matter of fact I'm more looking for inspiration story wise, something I can relate to also.

Forrest Gump is one my favorite movies of all times but I'm looking for something a little less down to earth.

Anyone knows of a horror voice-over movie out there ?
It's Zombie Comedy, but try Zombieland. If memory serves me right, its got voice overs through it and was rather successful for its genre.