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VOD Distribution

Hey everyone, Its been a while but I just wanted to fill everyone in.

DiGi Distribution has been a VOD Distribution company, but now we have been growing and now also offer DVD Distribution.

We now have two departments:

Below is our DVD Department
ATTN: Jeff Berry
100 Universal City Plaza, Bungalow 5183
Universal City, CA 91506
United States

Below is our VOD Department
ATTN: Chris Boss
718 i Street
Reedley Ca. 93654
United States

So currently, DiGi Distribution offers a full service distribution company for feature films

We have some amazing films coming out soon on iTunes, and Hulu - (Netfilx has been very VERY strict lately and is mainly looking for studio films or a known TV series

I created this company because I was/am just like you, a person wanting to make a film and make a living out of it.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to post a reply.

Nick Soares
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