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using celebrity images and artwork in set design

its not the content of your thoughts, its the delivery. you often come across as a condescending know it all and no one likes that. there are a lot of hyper masculine ego maniac straight while males that populate hollywood. not saying you fall into that category, i dont know you personally, but your posts often reek of that type of attitude.

Which is why I do my best to read other people's words online literally. Just take it at face value. No, you don't know me in real life, and if you did, you'd know that I'm the exact opposite of "hyper masculine". I'm queer, for the record, and I'm making a queer feature film that is going to espouse the virtues of modern feminism. For you to mistake my very good advice as hyper masculinity is a mistake on your part. There's nothing in my words that should've made you think that. I choose my words carefully. I make my posts reek of what I want them to, and in this thread, I gave good advice, with nothing but sincerity.
Actually I think he's doing well, he had a show where he was buying & selling real estate with the money he made from that song :)