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Using a Ramones cover song

I have a cover my friend did of Blitzkrieg bop by the Ramones. Now this is a song from 1976 and the writers Tommy and Dee Dee Ramone are unfortunately dead (as are Johnny and Joey, RIP.) How would I even go about looking for permission to use the cover song? I know I don't have to worry about the rights to the recorded version b/c this is a cover so I mainly need to worry about who owns the rights to the lyrics/melody, even though the cover has a different style.

Do I seek the label out? I know this song has been covered numerous times as well. This is a short film of mine, narrative, it plays for about a minute and a half and I might use it at the end somewhere. I have no idea where to start....
Start with Harry Fox Agency.

There are a few copyright hurdles you have to clear. Your friend's cover needs to have copyright licensing just to be recorded at all. Plus, you're gonna have to have a sync license to put it in your film. And (note: I am not a copyright lawyer) there may be another level of licensing if you're putting this up on the Internet.
As for recording the song at all, your friend's cover would need something called A Mechanical License if you're interested in a partial answer to your licensing inquiries