USC, Peter Stark, DGA

I was looking at schools to get an MFA from in production. My goal is to line produce. The ONLY program which looks interesting is the Peter Stark School of Production at USC, but I don’t know if it’s geared to produce Executive Producers only or more wide ranging skill types like line producer. I like the Peter Stark program because it does everhything that I think a film program should do. It gives you hands on practical knowledge, lots of experience, and places you into the Hollywood network through the extensive internship program they have with major studios. Also, the experience they give is directly applicable to the field. I mean that the program is really focused for producers and doesn’t waste time teaching you how to do any and every job on a set like some of the more general programs like UCLA or NYU seem to have. Does anyone have any comments, suggestions, etc. about USC in general, the Stark program, or another better program focused for people like me? I’ve also heard good things about the DGA AD school, but I don’t know much about it yet so any comments would be appreciated.