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critique Untitled 1930s Lovecraftian/mystery/horror/comedy web episode. 10 pages

Logline: A stubborn tomboyish reporter in 1930s Texas must to save her family's newspaper discovers gangsters have opened a door to Eldritch horrors in her town.

I started on this a few days back and got what is essentially episode 1. It's meant to be to the point and a little brisk (kind of simple too). But I had 3 areas I wanted to focus on: A fun protagonist who stands out from the crowd, an interesting mystery, and a bit of a slow build up in terms of the horror part. So I'm mostly looking for feedback on these 3 elements. Any feedback is appreciated.

I did my best to try to match the tone of a 1930s horror film as well as the dialogue. I used a fair amount of 1930s slang in this, if it gets confusing just ask. Not all the 30's slang is easy to understand.