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campaign UK Slasher remake needs your support!

HBFilms and TrashArts Productions are proud to announce that they will be making a UK Slasher Horror feature film: "Terror At Black Tree Forest". This is an authorised reboot of a film originally made by the highly acclaimed US based genre film maker, Dustin Ferguson.

We were, and are, honoured to have been asked by Dustin to remake his film. Originally he asked in 2018 and we were about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the production costs at the start of 2020 - but held back whilst the covid pandemic took its course. Despite the pandemic, we were able to reschedule another feature, "Senseless", for production between UK lockdowns and remaining covid-secure, following all UK production guidelines, with no adverse effects on any of the cast and crew for that film. Now we are finally able to see a way of making this horror slasher, "Terror at Black Tree Forest", whilst remaining cautious and following production guidelines but we are now confident that we will be able to complete the, mainly outdoor, shoot safely and within a reasonable timeframe this summer (2021).

Past crowdfunding campaigns have been 100%+ supported and we are hopeful that you will be able to make this crowdfunding campaign a equally successful so that we can make "Terror At Black Tree Forest" our very first 'whodunnit' horror slasher feature.

Please take a second and check out the indiegogo-https://igg.me/at/black-tree-forest