UK charity looking for filmmakers

Hi All! I'm on the board of a UK not-for-profit and every year, I give my time, completely pro-bono, to the team. It's a surgical charity and every year, they fly into disaster zones and give their surgical expertise and time completely free of charge. Sometimes, these are war zones so they put their own lives on the line to do this. Here is one of the team talking about when we flew into Pakistan and operated on 5,000 people in 2 weeks in a 'disputed territory' When I say 'disputed,' I mean a territory where two, rival countries militaries were having the occasional shootout. There was a tsunami which killed around 230,000 people, destroyed everything and our guys created a helicopter landing zone, comandered a load of kit including US military helicopters and set up field surgery in two locations, operating only on people whose lives were in danger because that's all we had time to do.

Our head of operations talking about this:

We're looking to train up surgeons and medical professionals to fly out to these zones and are looking for crew to help. No-one gets paid, there is no exposure and there is no promise of future work. This is simply to help surgeons, doctors and midwives save a metric ton of lives every year. The last disaster was Honolulu and one of our midwives flew in for this. Will ping a vid if you're interested.

Does anyone want to help film training videos so surgeons, doctors, midwives etc... can be trained and prepared to fly into disaster zones and save lives? We have equipment, a professional filmmaker (me) so if you lack experience, we can help train you but you'll need to do it because you'll want to help a team save lives. If you want to do this, would love to talk (and incidentally filming will be in a few months time).