Trip to New Zealand, will capture nature videos and photos for you

Hi, I’m Asher Pike. A filmmaker who is travelling to New Zealand, specifically I am going to South Island to places where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Through mountains, rivers, valleys, forests and more. If you are making a film, i can capture custom visuals for your project of these locations and more. Or if you simply want some photos for any other project I am able to capture these. My equipment is a Sony A7s, a wide and super zoom lens and some other equipment. My camera is one of the best, or rather by popular opinion the best camera in it‘s price range for low light visual capture. Meaning along with great custom daylight capture, I can produce custom night visuals. Visuals such as a lit mountainous / river flowing landscapes beneath star studded night skies. I will be there for 3 months, will be leaving for New Zealand 2 days after Christmas. The trip is all prepared, if you want to you can also fund / provide any equipment you would like me to purchase / or hire and take with me. Otherwise I have everything I need. My previous work includes 2 feature films, 12 short films, a gallery of trailers, photographs and movie edits and more which I am able to show you. There will be a price tag depending on how much content you want captured, and also what the project is. I have filmed a 20 minute nature film / documentary in the vast New Zealand wilderness before so I know what I am doing.

Let me know if you are interested in this. We will go from there.

Sincerely, Asher Pike.
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