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Traveling in History

Hello everybody,
this is my 1st movie started just 1 week ago on IndieGoGo.
This adventure movie talks about 3 friend girls who find a time machine and start to travel in story epochs: Ancient Rome, European Middle Age, Regency Era (1800s), American Old West, Golden Age of Piracy, American Prohibition Era (1920s) and 1968s.

This is the link: http://www.indiegogo.com/travel-in-history?a=1611158, this is still 0 $ because I started the campaign 1 week ago and I've just tried to spread the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.
I need some help because this is my 1st movie and I'm alone, but I planned to start other movie projects, some action, sci-fi, drama, romantic, but these in next months.
The campaign ends the 31th december of this year, so there are 30 days at the end.

I thank you for every help, donations, sharing and others.
For questions or other, contact me.

Thank you.