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'Trampoline' - An Irish Indie Film

My name is Tom Ryan, I am just after completing post production on my debut feature film 'Trampoline'.
'Trampoline' is a new Irish indie movie set and shot in Co. Tipperary. It follows a young girl named Angie who comes face to face with her past after she moves back home from finishing college. She gets a job teaching in her old school and must try to figure out what her next step in life is going to be.

We shot the film for under €1000 and had a small but extremely talented crew.

We are entering the movie into film festivals across the globe now in the hopes of seeking distribution.

The trailer for 'Trampoline' can be viewed here - https://vimeo.com/69251803

You can follow us on twitter by searching @TrampolineMovie or like us on facebook by following this link - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trampoline-Movie/501194433232158

OP wrote and directed the feature!

Great job and welcome.

Let us know how it does at the festivals etc. Good luck! :)

Just read OP's interview - here's a snippet:

“I raised the money by asking local shops in the town to sponsor us in exchange for their shopfront to be featured in the movie and a mention in the credits. It was an effective approach which paid off.”

Great call OP!

Hopefully I'll get to see it at a festival over here (Canada).

Some questions: how did you get access to the school for the filming? Was access a nightmare and how long were you shooting there?
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