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Trailer to my new film, "A World of Worlds - Rise of the King". On Amazon.

Gainesentertainment.com - From myself and my crew, we like to thank all of you in advance for supporting us on Amazon and Google Play. This movie and the pilot were all done on a micro-budget over the past 5 years. Though this story is meant to be filmed on a much larger scale, we were determined to get the story out one way or the other. So, you can look at both films as "proof of concept". Yes, there are holes but that is alright, just to have a chance to complete two films with a band of actors and crewmen that I can call family is enough for me.

Without the support of an outstanding team, I could gave never had a chance to introduce my new world and characters. Thank you.

Daphnee Avril Bless - Sofia Hayden
Robert Rios - Lord Zahyian Crehin
Daniel Pelissier - Sil
Maria Lavee - IL-Roserious/The Painted Guard
Constance Payne - Cayla Korvesian
Zachary Vazquez - Tenan Fy
Deziree Rosbeck - Mia Bello/Chip/The Queen of Thieves
Derek Wolf - Orin Tirosch
Emre Orun - Rinshi Su Cora
Shawn Genther - Juken Erstinrue
Shawn Orlando Francis - Kavyian Sho
Nicole Dreger - The Witch Athis
Ivory Danielle Lloyd - Aressa

Director/Writer/Editor/Producer/Choreographer - Barry Gaines
VFX Supervisor - Prakash Kumararajan
Original Score/Music Supervisor - Andrea Bellucci
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