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Touching up a short [animated] film..is this shot over-used?

hey, everyone. like a lot of filmmakers, I'm hardly satisfied with the end result. but this one of my little animated films really gets to me...


I'm aware it's not that good. but I think it has potential to be A LOT better than what I settled for, so I'm going back to polish it up. re-working the opening a bit, completely re-animating some quick shots, but anyways, the reason behind my little post here is to ask you all if this revised shot I have planned is, well, over-used. I definitely do not want to run with a cliche shot. this is my alternative ending, seeing as how I cannot direct or stage "romantic" material worth a crap [as you saw, if you watched it].

after the "doctor" p.o.v. shot and the cut to black, a close up of nhyte's eye slowly opens, revealing the nameless man's green iris. cut to black. begin end credits.

and that's it. very simple. despite how time consuming that final head turn was to animate, I'm definitely willing to cut it if the project works better without it. my concern about this shot began once I saw "Avatar". believe it or not, the nameless man's eyes were YELLOW once. needless to say, I changed the color.
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thanks. again, I know there's still [as always] so much more room for improvement. but I'm ready to just work on new material. I'm just relieved I got to go back and take out those crappy shots.