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Hi all- a friend recommended this forum yesterday to me.

I'm an independent musician, interested in filming/editing/effecting/etc some of my own music videos. Mainly due to budget, TBH. I'd rather spend time making music than working on videos, but I can't afford to hire the real professionals i need.

I'm proficient enough in FCPX (ie i can edit together a bunch of clips and get something that looks decent), and I own motion although i haven't actually used it.

So first question, could someone point me towards a good basic toturial for motion? I honestly don't really know how to use it or what it's capabilities are.

second question is realted to creating animation effects like in this video:

I don't want to recreate this or anything, but I'm interested in this kind of thing. Is this possible in FCPX or motion? Or would someone use After Effects for this kind of thing?

Thanks all! Sounds like most people here are maybe real filmmakers, so if these kinds of questions are too basic for this forum, I apologize!

Thank you!!


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Welcome! I am unfamiliar with Motion but I have used After Effects for many years.

Not necessarily married to motion/FCPX vs adobe, other than the fact I'd like to use the tools I've already purchased rather than learn new ones, haha!

If there are things that AE can do that I need that motion can't, though, i'm also not averse to using AE though. Imagine the price of entry might be cheaper as I understand they are now on a subscription model...
I completely understand using tools you already own and know. I have an Adobe subscription and its hard to recommend it honestly. For example, if you wanted just After Effects (single app subscription) the price advertised is about $21/month. But that may be just promotional and after a year you may have to pay more (which is what happened to me until I threatened to switch to FCP). Now, keep in mind After Effects is only for effects really. If you want any sort of simpler editing (cutting) or audio control, you would need another program. Unfortunately, the next step up, All Apps is $53/month (which may be promotional). So far they have a Photography package for $10/month which offers Photoshop and Lightroom. I would like to see them offer a Video Editing package to include Premiere and After Effects together. Hope this information helps you in your decision. They may offer you a better deal for the first year, but as soon as the 12th month hits, expect a big increase.