top-list Top Ten... Independent Films

Okay my fav top Ten independent (non Studio) films... (In no real order)

1) Reservoir Dogs
2) Swingers
3) Clerks
4) Texas Chainsaw...
5) Evil Dead
6) PI
7) Momento
8) Trainspotting
9) Lock, STock & Two Smoking Barrels
10) Monty Python & The Holy Grail

Okay any thoughts?

Phil Hobden
--- Modern Life? ---
Requiem for a Dream, Clerks and Pulp Fiction vie for my number one pick.

I don't think there would be such a strong indie scene today without Tarantino and Kevin Smith.

Darren Aronofsky is THE future of film. I'm just waiting for him to win his first, then second, then third Oscar for best director very soon.

Just my two cents...
Without a doubt Smith & tarrantino mainstreamed the idea of independent. For me Darren Aronofsky has yet to prove himself on the long term...

Phil Hobden
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