top-list Top Ten Director's

In no order:

1. Tarantino
2. Rodriguez
3. Scorsese
4. Tony Scott
5. Tim Burton
6. Terry Gilliam
7. Leone
8. Besson
9. Hitchcock
In no order:

1. Tarantino
2. Rodriguez
3. Scorsese
4. Tony Scott
5. Tim Burton
6. Terry Gilliam
7. Leone
8. Besson
9. Hitchcock
Steven Spielberg
Spike Jonze (way underappreciated I think...because he mostly does short form work....but his commercials, music videos, etc. are always amazing and very different from one another)
Robert Rodriguez
Quentin Tarantino
Alfred Hitchcock
Clint Eastwood
Billy Wilder be finished after class...
Ha! Yeah forgot about Spike Jonze. SUperb director. Mucho style and class and award for two of the best music videos every (Praise You... Fat Boy Slim and the one with Chris Walken that totally escapes my memory!)

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You guys are naming a lot of the directors I would, but you're forgetting some great movies by those directors. Scorsese, for example, directed Casino which I consider to be better than Goodfellas in many aspects. Aviator and Gangs of NY weren't even that good...good directing I suppose, but not the greatest movies. Michael Mann wrote and directed Heat, which I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) was the only time Pacino and De Niro have been together in stage, and was considerably better than Collateral and Insider. Kubrick directed Full Metal Jacket, which to this day blows Vietnam movies out of the water. Spielberg is bittersweet--he certainly did hurt the scene with the invention of the blockbuster, but he still has some classics and to-be classics (Saving Private Ryan was undeniably good, although I suspect he put his name on that and Band of Brothers to prove his "versatility"--yeah right). Oh, and I absolutely hate Tarantino (especially as an actor, but that's not the issue). Reservoir Dogs was cheesy and predictable, Kill Bills sucked big time, heck, I have to say he just got lucky with Pulp Fiction. Rodriguez has some decent stuff, and I especially love his commentaries and "film school" shorts on his dvd's, but if I see another guitar case with a gun in it I'm going to kill somebody. Tim Burton I'm not a big fan of--the only movie of his I've enjoyed is Big Fish--and only because it was a breath of fresh air.
Top 10:
1. Martin Scorsese
2. Quentin Tarantino
3. Francis Ford Coppola
4. George Lucas
5. Alfred Hitchcock
6. Michael Mann
7. M. Night Shyamalan
8. Joel Coen
9. David Fincher
10. Brian DePalma

Honorable Mention:
Joe Carnahan, Robert Zemekis, Bryan Singer, Stanley Kubrick, Sidney Lumet, Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone, Robert Rodriguez, William Friedkin, Guy Ritchie, Lawrence Kasdan, Spielberg
Jim Jarmush
Mike Leigh
Dusan Makavejev
Tim Burton
Jean-Luc Godard
Quentin Tarantino
Ingmar Bergman
Andrei Tarkovsky
Martin Scorsese
Stanley Kubrick
In no special order:

1.) Woody Allen
2.) Wes Craven
3.) John Carpenter
4.) Akira Kurosawa
5.) Terry Gilliam
6.) Martin Scorsese
7.) Hal Hartley
8.) Jim Jarmusch
9.) Wes Anderson
10.) George A. Romero
no order:
Wes Anderson
Francis Ford Coppola
Coen Bros.
Michael Gondry
Sofia Coppola
Michael Cimino
No order
Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill vol.2,…)
T. Phillips (Old School)
P. M. Glaser (The Running Man)
R. Scott (Alien, Blade Runner,…)
Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones, Jaws,…)
Martin Scorsese (Departed)
Peter Jackson (Bad Taste, Braindead, Lord of the Rings)
Oliver Stone (Platoon, Any Given Sunday)
Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump)
L. Besson (Leon, The fifth Element)
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Top 10 directors

1. Darren Aronofsky (career best - The Fountain)
2. Takeshi Kitano (career best - Hani Bi)
3. Wes Anderson (career best - Bottle Rocket)
4. Jim Jarmusch (career best - Dead Man)
5. Stanley Kubrick (career best - Barry Lyndon)
6. Francis Ford Copolla (career best - tie between Apocalypse Now! and The Godfather 2)
7. M. Night Shyamalan (career best - Unbreakable)
8. Paul Thomas Anderson (career best - There Will Be Blood)
9. David Lynch (career best - Blue Velvet)
10. Vincent Gallo (career best - Buffalo '66)
1) Wes Anderson - Everything except Bottle Rocket.
2) Jim Jarmusch - Everything except Broken Flowers.
3) Akira Kurosawa - Everything I've ever seen of his.
+3) Richard Lowenstein - Just for He Died with a Felafel in his Hand.
4) Coen Brothers - Mainly The Man who Wasn't There, Miller's Crossing, Fargo, No Country and Big Lebowski.
5) Quentin Tarantino - Kill Bill I + II, Pulp Fiction, Death Proof etc.
6) Hayao Miyazaki - Spirited Away, Nausicaa, Howl's Moving Castle etc.
7) Michel Gondry - Be Kind Rewind, Eternal Sunshine, Bjork's film clips.
8) Stephen Frears - High Fidelity, The Grifters.
9) David Lynch - Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks and Lost Highway.
10) Alfred Hitchcock - Rear Window, Torn Curtain, North by Northwest, The Birds.
11) Terry Gilliam - All the Monty Python, Fear and Loathing and Brazil.
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Some of the choices here are just unbelivable...

Here's mine anyway:

Stanley kubrick
Sergio Leone
Akira Kurosawa
Tim Burton
Jean-Luc Godard
Charlie Chaplin
Orson Wells
David Lynch
Alfred Hitchcock
Ingmar Bergman
I love threads like this. It never fails, the question is an opion of what your top 10 directors are. It seems like an easy thread to reply too but you always have a few people who get so upset that you named someone they don't like, instead of posting there top 10, they decided to tear apart another person's choices. I don't have a top ten but I'll list a few of my choices.


I didn't list them in any particular order but I expect someone to complain because these five amazing directors are also five of the most complained about in the film community. Why does it seem like you should be ashamed if you like one of these directors? I attended film school for a brief period of time at a University. They preached that any films made after the 70s were a complete waste of time and shouldn't be taken seriously. I was labeled as just a fan because I loved these directors, not a film maker. I just wonder how many of you who have replied have been to film school. If so has taken courses in cinema history altered your picks? Thats just my two cents worth. I'll stop complaining now. :)