top-list Top 10 Theatrical + DVDs

I haven't been to a movie theatre in weeks!! I have missed a lot of good movies released on DVD recently too. I want to hear from filmmakers what films they strongly recommend.

What movie do you strongly recommend right now, A-Must-See type of movie that is playing in theaters rght now(North American market)?

and / or

A must-see-movie on DVD?

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WHY (acting, story, directing, originality???)

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"Zodiac" -- Fincher's unmistakable genius in visual storytelling is just one reason to see this important crime drama with an excellent cast.

"300" -- if you like comic books, special effects, gore, violence, epic battles, outstanding cinematography, half nude men or women, witty one liners, over the top depictions of historical figures, or stories about courage in the sight of insurmountable odds then go see this movie.


"Blood Diamond" -- Leo was great in "The Departed" but he's much better here. And Jennifer Connelly is easily the best looking journalist I've ever seen (and since I work with 'em...).

"Children of Men" -- Cuarón's pal Iñárritu got all the press with "Babel", but CoM is an infinitely better film.

MISC (not sure if you can still catch it in theaters or if it's about to come out on DVD)

"Pan's Labrynth (El Laberinto del Fauno)" -- Speaking of Cuarón and Iñárritu, the third member of Mexico's big three Guillermo del Toro wrote and directed this simple tale that melds historical fact with ficition superbly.

yeah 300 seems to be a visual treat. But too much screaming chest pomping men to my taste... But, hey, I like women in movies... ;)

loca trivia: The efffects were made by Hybride Technologies, a joint in the LAURENTIEN mountains, north of Montreal, where they did Sin City, Spy Kids, many more...
Luckily, 300 is playing at the IMAX theater here. If you have the opportunity to see 300 in IMAX, do it.

We have an IMAX here in Austin, but no word on if "300" will play here. "Superman Returns" did last fall, but the one day I was gonna go see it was the same day as the big UT vs OSU game, and the theater is about four blocks from the stadium, so traffic made me really late.

Wow.. I'd not heard of the Sarah Conner Chronicles either.. sounds interesting. I imagine it'll probably be on the SciFi channel. Hopefully it's not excruciatingly poorly written! (As many of these spin off series tend to be...)