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Tokina or Duclos 11-16mm zoom cine lens question

Hi there, regarding the Tokina 11-16mm zoom cine lens, I understand that this lens came first and eventually Duclos copied the concept and made their own which sells for about double the Tokina price. However I looked at test shots and footage for both lens on YouTube and note that both lens gave rather dull images and at some times they looked like 720p resolution when in fact they were shot at 1080p or 4k and downscaled to 1080p. Is there anyone here who can talk to this point if you have ever used either of these lenses? Can you send me a link to any YouTube video or Vimeo that has a full HD or 4K clip that shows excellent results with the Tokina or Duclos 11-16mm lens?

Lastly, what are some affordable (or near affordable) wide or ultra wide PL mount non-fisheye PRIME cine lens that you know of except Rokinon? In this case I am seeking examples less than 15mm focal length.
I have the Tokina 11-16 standard EF mount non-cine lens and I have to say, it's an absolutely superb wide-angle. For the price as well. Only covers S35 but it's pin sharp and great value for money. I'd save yourself the money and give the EF version a go and if you like it, upgrade to the cine one.
Without links there are many interpretations possible on 'dull looking'.
'Looking like 720p' can also be caused by many other factors in the production pipeline:
acquisition codec, export settings and used software.

I have used the Tokina 11-16mm recently. EF-mount with AF.
I think it is a nice lens. 1 Downside: to switch from autofocus to manual: you need to pull the focus ring.

I used it for the wide shots in this video: