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To Kill For A Million - a comedy about money

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you get tons of these types of posts on this site, but here's mine anyway!

We're looking for funds to keep our first feature movie in production. We're a talented cast and crew. All that we're missing is money!

TKFAM on IndieGogo

There's info on the page obviously but here's a little for you here:

To Kill For A Million

It's a dark comedy about the lengths people will go to for money.
It explores crime, gambling and self degradation while the characters question their own morality and discover what they would sacrifice to earn that bit more cash.
The main question: 'Would you kill for million?'

If you like the idea of a Tarantino, Coen Brothers or Sam Raimi flick mixed with barrels of humour, this will be your kind of thing.

It's early days yet, so no sign of a trailer unfortunately, but we'll be dropping updates as they come!

And we do realise the irony of asking for money to make a film about the evils that come of it...
If you're opening claim is going to be that you've got a 'professional crew' then you need to have your video up to that standard. At the moment, it's poorly lit and the audio is terrible.

If you're not a professional crew, admit that! There's no harm in admitting that your film is being produced by an amateur team, but if you make claims you can't support then people won't trust your campaign.

Best of luck :)