Tizzys PBIFF days 1&2 ..... Celebs!

So, the film fest I won in has officially started. Thur. night was the opening night film, and party. I wasnt planning on going, but last minute the wife and I said "F*** It" and went ahead. God, am I glad I went.

First, the opening night film was "The kid stays in the pictures" The smash doc about the life and times of Producer Robert Evans. The best part.... he was THERE! But Im getting ahead of myself.

We arrive, get our $50 a piece tickets (free to me, and the wife compliments of our VIP passes.) and head in. The theater is packed, all except for two rows, right were I would normally try and sit, which were roped off, and guarded by some theater peeon. My wife says, "Oh, that sucks." and then heads for the nose bleeds. I stop. "What is this section for?" I ask. "This is for press and VIP's only." She replies. I turn around my pass. "What do you think this is?" She apologizes, I let her know Im actually mad, and we take a seat right in the middle. Then, my wife gets a call that a friend of hers is outside, and shes gonna go say hi. I go too, hell, the seats are reserved, so whats to worry about?

We get outside, my wifes cell rings, she chatters, I drift. Thats when I turn around, and next to me is Brett Ratner. Yep, in all his tiny glory. What do I do?
(hand extends) "Hey Brett, Michael McWhorter. Nice to meet ya man."
(shaking hand) "Im sorry, who?"
"Michael McWhorter man, whats up?"
"Are you the one interviewing me?"
"Hell no. I just saw you standing here, and thought id introduce myself like a schmuck."
"Oh, cool. Nice to meet ya Mike."

Then people startd to swarm, I said "You gonna be at the Gala?" "Yep" "Cool, Ill pick your brain there. Will talk about my film that just won 1st place here." "For real? Hel ya, well talk then."

Very cool guy. Someone else was all like, "I make movies, make me famous." and he gave homeboy his office number, and says "Just ask for Brett.... Thats me" Tells the kid, "Ill give you my addres. Send your movie, Ill watch it." Im gettin that address!

Next, the movie. Robert Evans is amazing! He spoke for 5 minutes, and was atleast as inspirational as "Rebel without a crew." For real. A taste..

"American cinema, is the only product that can be 100%manufactured in America, and be number one in every country it is exported to. Yet congress does not support us. U.S. government offers no funding for us. We are on our own. This is why we MUST teach film to the youth. They are the future. Film is our number one export, and you are hard pressed to find film schools. Why? I am only here, because my friend Brett Ratner told me about this festival, whos entire objective is supporting film education."
-Robert Evans

WOW! Such a cool guy. Then the movie was amazing. he did Q&A, ect.. afterwards, party on a roof, blah, blah, some supposed "networking"....

Tonight was the special presentation of "The Pianist" hosted by none other than Adrien Brody himself. I found out two nights ago, it was already sold out. "F*** That!" Ive got VIP passes (small print. VIP passes do not guarantee seating, only entry) I told my wife to get ready, were going, and were seeing this movie.
We show up, and the girl at the ticket booth is confused. Confusdion is good. She tells me to talk to the people at that table (?) I walk in, and head for the theater. My wife is like "But, what about..." I wave her to follow. We get to the door. A simpsons cartoon character of a kid is standing guard.

(stern)"The lady back there said I didnt need tickets. She said I waited in line for nothing. That my VIP passes already got me entry."
"Oh, uh, sorry. Go ahead."

We enter. Seating was limited, but we found two right near the front.

I have mixed feeling about Polanski, but that film is AMAZING! I mean it. Heartbreaking, breathtaking, and very graphic at times. A no Bullshit look at the Halocaust. Adrien earned that Osacar! See it, really.

The movie ends, and in walks Brody. Hes wearing all white. White suit, white everything. What a pimp. HE IS COOL. No B.S., I mean, people asked some dumb S*** and he was like "What the hell are you talking about?"
First, some reporter tried to make the Q&A his interview time. 3 questions in, Brody says, "Thats enough from you, I want to know what these people want answered." The first question...
Some dumb biatch says "That scene with all the blown up buildings... was that like that, or did you guys have to bomb them?" Gawd! But he was cool. Someone asked "Whats your opinion on the war?" "My opinion, based on what?" he says, "Why should anyone care what some celebrity thinks? Why is my opinion valuable? Because im "famous". I dont know anything about war. Ask me about survival in Queens, that I know. Not war. I Live in New York, I have a place in L.A. Why dont you ask my buddy that? Hes the one dug in some sand pile tonight, fighting for his life, and country. I just want him safe. Feel whatever you want to feel, but support those guys, ok." Couldnt have said it better myself.

Afterwards, everyone tried to dogpile him, and he was cool about it. I just left, Ill se him tomorrow night.

All in all, two great nights so far, and no signs of slowing down. Tomorows the biggie. I gotta get pics with Brett, Adrien, and Robert Evans, and ive got to get some contact info off Brett (and maybe some poop on the whole "Superman" thing.) Until then campers.
R. M.