Tizzy's PBIFF Day 3.. Michael Jackson!?!


My wife, and I get all dolled up in or best, and head for the $1,000 a plate Gala dinner, and awards show. (We did not purchase tickets of course.)

We arrive, I see teachers, and friends, and we all have drinks, and talk. A good time. (free liqour... goooooood.)

These guys go around with little bells, and signal are time to enter the main hall for dinner. We are seated at the student table, and i spend the next few minutes talking to some of the other winners, and trying to figure out whethere the thing on our plates was a floral arrangment, or a salad. (later, it was determined it was a salad, due to the guys coming around with dressing. Weird) Brett Ratner, Robert Evans and friends were seated at a table in the middle of the room. I figured I would talk to them after things died down.

Thats when it happened. The rumors were circualting earlier that night, but nothing confirmed. Then, suddenly, from the door just behind our table they entered. Walking toward Bretts table, was none other than Chris Tucker, and (drum roll please......) Michael Jackson!

What a trip. The place went nuts, which was lame, and people swarmed them. (Mainly, they swarmed Michael) After a few minutes, we headed for their table. I wanted to grab one pic of Michael sitting there, but when I got there decided against it. It was awful. Like sharks on an injured seal. They (everyone at the party, especially all the Palm Beach Pieces of S***) were attacking him, and Chris, and they didnt seem happy. I actually felt sorry for them. It was sad.

See, they are both in Palm Beach county for different reasons (Michael is House shopping, Chris is dating Serena Williams) and they both are good friends of Brett. Brett has been made an official board member for the festival, and has plans to attend every year. This being his festival, his friends wanted to come and support him. They werent there for pictures, and publicity, just moral support.

I nevr did take a picture of Michael, I did however get pictures of my self with Brett Ratner, one of me and Robert Evans, and my wife with Chris Tucker. Adrien Brody showed up for his award, but wasnt at the dinner, so I never did get a pic with him, or to talk to him. Oh well Im still pleased.

I talked to Brett pretty extensivally. He was very cool, and has requested copies of all the winning student films. He wants to review them himself, and let us know what he thinks. In otherwords, i didnt need that address afterall. I thanked him for his support, and said, "Look, Im at the student table. I dont want to bother them, because everyones jumpin on them like assholes, but later, when this is all done, please tell everyone here, and this goes for you as well, how much it means to us students that you all showed up to support us." Brett liked that, and said he would.

I also got to speak with Robert Evans. told him how much I appreciated people in a position of power like him, supporting film students. Most poo poo us as silly dreamers. His response? He grabbed my shoulder, pulled me in close and said, "Dont worry about it. Thats Fucking Bullshit kid. Their all idiots, and your the future of this country, and this industry. Dont ever forget that." I doubt I could.

Chris was cool, but I think he was drunk LOL. He was nice, and had no problem posing with my wife, being as shes hot.

The ceremony was a little lame, but what the hell. I accomplished what I wanted to. Brett Rattner wil see my film. Robert Evans gave me words of encouragment. I imortalized the night on film, and my wife and I had a nice dinner, drinks, and dancing. All in all, I cant complain.

Today, I take the day off from the fest events to visit my Great Grandmother. I might catch a movie tonight, but no parties. Tommorow morning is the awards ceremony, and then our HD trailer premieres tomorrow night. Hopefully, once thats done, we can release some screen grabs for everyone to see.

Ill let ya know how it all goes.
R. Michael