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watch THE WHISTLE 3 | MARIA - Horror Short Film TRAILER

Hey everybody! :)

As newcomers to the film, we released our first short film "The Whistle" two years ago. The short film hit the 500,000 clicks relatively quickly. We invested another year to write a story and create a second part. At the end of 2018, we shot the second (deliberately confused) part of the "The Whistle" series. Even this already counts over 500.000 clicks on Youtube and became thus a worthy successor. In January, our latest low-budget project has started: "THE WHISTLE 3 | MARIA". We tell the story of "The Whistle" and jump back to the year 1870. It was a big challenge for us. A lot of time flowed into the post-processing because we wanted to create a completely new world, especially for this part. We took a big step forward and would like to present the trailer in advance :) I hope you like it.

- Bäppel Entertainment