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critique The Time Traveler - 8-page sci-fi screenplay for feedback

Hi there :)

I bring you a short sci-fi script for getting feedback, and tell me what you think about it...

Logline: In New York in 1997, a Colledge Student Journalist name Bill interviews a Person Named Josef who Claim To be a Time Traveler from the Future - the interview gives a short glimpse of what the world is like in the year 2372 and what do future generations think about our generation and time period. When the interview ends, Bill asks Josef to "take me with you back to the future" - will Josef agree?

genre: short sci-fi

Pages: 8 Pages long

Any feedback is welcomed :)

Kind regards
Pretty good - I like the idea.

I'd shorten Joseph's speeches and make it more dialogue. And I think Bill should be a bit more confused about the use of an old IBM computer for weather predictions. This is also a good opportunity for some humor, perhaps incorporating references to old weather forecasts that screwed up Bill's social life.

It would be very easy for you to shoot it, and that's a big plus :)