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The Screenplay Agency

Hi Guys

Anyone here had any experience of an outfit called The Screenplay Agency


They've just given me a positive review on my last screenplay and now want to talk contracts.

If someone has been through this routine with them and it's a scam, a heads up would be appreciated.

Of course I'd prefer to hear that they're fantastic :lol:
Hi guys

I've been getting the same feedback all over.

I've decided to pass.

Just so everyone else knows the score. I sent a query, they responded and asked for the script. Ten days later they got back saying yes they were interested, but they needed an independent critique done. They offered to refer someone. To be fair they also offered to take a referral from any professional script editor, whose credentials they approved.

At the point I posted this request I'd replied that I'd be happy to talk to them but I was going to stick with my current script editor and were they OK with that?

All I know is that I'm not hearing good things and in this industry reputation is everything.

-I know that the clerance christian agency is accepting new talent.

Thanks for that, they're not taking any thrillers or horror. That rules me out on projects that I've got ready to show. In a month that will be different so I've book marked them.

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