The Real Threat to Independent Film

Personally, I don't agree with the journalist who wrote this article, Indie films offer not just a voice for small filmmakers, the stories are more original and a good indie film can fuel the imagination of young kids to pursue a career in film to be an alternative to formula studio plots with interestingly new types of characters.

Some of my favorite old films are the independent science fiction and horror films of the 1980s. Some look goofy by today's standards but they are still memorable.
I didn't get the impression the author had anything against indie films, he seemed mostly critical of the 'art house' crowd that celebrates only a very narrow interpretation of what indie film is/should be.
I pretty much agree with the writer's point of view. Studio pictures never do harm to independent films or to arthouse films simply because they have their own audience that wouldn't be willing to watch these other films anyway. At the same time though, we have to be more discerning with arthouse films because they get support from museums while independent films don't get any support at all and have a lot to lose from people choosing to watch lesser arthouse films. My favorite kind of contemporary cinema is generally of the 'arthouse' kind, but even I recognize that a lot of people give undeserved praise to lesser arthouse films simply because they are art films. My personal way of watching movies is to just watch anything regardless of the label as long as it seems to me like it would be a good movie that I would enjoy. But I'm not going to praise a film because of the fact that it is a foreign film or because it's made by a director that is widely respected as an artist.
Yes, but the writer did mention low budget small productions, where some are art house and do get funded by.crowd funding.

I believe he use the example of Transformers to reference the eye candy productions of Hollywood.