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watch The Reader (Short Film)

Hey everyone, I'm an amateur film maker and this is a latest short film I shot. It's obviously a small production: no budget, just 5 people and a camera. We spent more time writing and planning than anything else. The story is a bit unconventional, just to warn you.


I'd love any advice/reviews anyone feels generous enough to give.
I think the story itself was pretty solid, but in other areas...

1. Some of the shots were a bit too long (such as the opening shot)

2. In the opening shot it might have been better if you had someone do a voiceover saying, "Do you believe in stories?" rather than a banner with text slapped onto it.

3. In the fight scene (and some other scenes) the exposure jumped a bit to often from brighter to darker or vice versa.

4. Pacing was good but could have been better.

OVERALL: 5.5/10

For no budget and only a couple people you did a good job at telling your story :)
Thanks so much for the input!

1. Yes, I see what you mean, though for the opening shots I felt that it was important to establish the world as dull, grey, and monotonous.

2. You think a voiceover in a movie entitled "The Reader" is a good idea? Sorry... couldn't help pointing out the irony... In all seriousness, the film was always meant to have no speech. The title over was because, during editing, I felt that the one short shot of the word "believe" (around 5:15) wasn't enough.

3. Yes, that is one of the biggest flaws.
Hello new dude :cool:

I liked the short, but I had some issues with it.

There were some shots that dragged on, and really didn't need to. There is also lots of shaky movement, which in this case didn't look very good. Rolling shutter :tear: There were some ugly aperture/exposure changes. The green screen shots are obvious. Next time add a Ken Burns or handheld effect and feather more.

Overall I think it would be much better if you cut it down to 3-4 minutes. It drags and there is some unnecessary scenes. But I wish you the best of luck as a filmmaker and I hope to see more of you on IndieTalk.