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The Campground HELP/SHARE KICKSTARTER! New Horror Feature Film

hey, my names roman jossart and im here promoting my latest film "The Campground" they only way this film is going to take off tho is through support form everyone else. we have started a kickstarter in hopes of spreading the word and raising what we need. if you could check us out and either donate or share on video and page it would go a long way. i've been writing this for 7 years and im ready for it to see that light of day! so help a fellow film maker out here!

FAcebook> www.facebook.com/thecampground

Twitter> www.twitter.com/the_campground

Kickstarter> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1464244473/the-campground

email> thecampgroundfilm@gmail.com

again thank you for your support.

From his facebook page:

OK people our last kickstarter raised $415 with 12 backers, and failed because it was very short. Now we are starting a new one asking for only $500. This will pay for the cast and crew to stay on set. Please watch our video's on the page, and check out the rewards. $500 is not a big number! help in reaching our goal and take part in Roman Jossart's 1st film! P.S. You will NOT be charged until April 20th and only if we hit the goal of $500! this is up to you guys, help in sharing and making this happen!!

Thank you, Sweetie

A budget drop from $2k to $0.5k.


Promo image of cancelled $2k project:

Promo image of current $0.5k project:
That photo in the top left looks mighty enlarged... maybe he should have used a larger resolution picture there ;)

Looks like they fired their marketing people.
Could be more popular than the feature!

I smell a new sub-genré developing: the BTS found footage horror film "making of" horror trope! Complete with terrible audio and shaky-cam!