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campaign The Beacon - Promo Scene from Pitch Deck

Hey all! It's been years since I've been here! What's up?! Hope you all have been well. I've been out in LA now for 10 years, working on independent films as both an actor, and producer.

I'd like to share the recent project we are producing. We're just looking for...you know...a round 200K. But we'll take a cool million as well if you got it! ;) Have a look at the teaser dialog scene we shot to showcase the tone of the film. If you know any investors, we would love to talk. We are currently shooting the full teaser for the pitch deck and putting the final polish on the script.

The Beacon is a Lovecraft inspired story about a Detective that is hired to find a missing girl in a remote fishing community in New England.

Project Title: The Beacon
Type: Feature Film
Role in Project: Actor, Producer
TRT (Total Running Time): Teaser scene 3:48 - In Pre-Production & Production of pitch deck.
Link to Project:
Description: The video showcases a dialog scene from our teaser and pitch deck we are creating. Looking for investors. Based out of LA. (Scene stars Michael Reed and Augie Duke -- Directed and shot by Kevin James Barry).

Thanks for letting me share.
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