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watch The Anachronist - Steampunk Short Film to be PRODUCED!

Hi all! My brother in law Matthew Himlin won a contest with his script and has the opportunity to get his script produced! This is super exciting for all of us since writing is his true passion. (Writing computer code is his day job)

The script is about two scientists who have just completed their masterpiece time machine. The immediately get a message that comes back from the future and are wondering what to make of it.

Please check out the Kickstarter page and feel free to donate. Any bit we get will be a great help! I hope that together we can raise the money to get his script produced and make his dreams come true!!


We've got some really cool perks that come with donating. Please check it out =]
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This is a very well put together campaign, but you aren't showing links to past work. Tribaliris.com doesn't seem to load a website for me. I also don't think quoting a wikipedia article is a good use of your limited time with your potential donating audience. Another update of some kind might be good for your final 72 hour push. Best of luck!